We make no secret of the fact that mFortune is our favourite site – it has the best slots, the best prizes and is altogether the best place to go when you want to relax and spin a few mobile reels. We already have reviews of most of the slots that mFortune offers to all players, but we know that it can be annoying flitting between each one, so we have decided to create an easy to use summary of the different mobile slots on their site. Make sure you click on the links though to go through to the full reviews of the different mFortune slots, so that you can get the full picture!

There are 7 different mFortune slots and we have them all listed below, so enough of the chat: let’s see what mFortune can offer to slots players!

Vegas Vegas

Vegas Vegas mobile slot mFortune ScreenshotThe first of the games that we are going to look at is Vegas Vegas, and this has been found on mFortune for ages now, making it one of the stalwarts of the site. The best thing about Vegas Vegas is the fact that the jackpot is progressive (the biggest jackpot so far is a whopping £36k) and we also love the fact that it has a really fun feature board. There is a reason why this is the most popular mFortune slot machine!

The only thing that we don’t like too much when it comes to Vegas Vegas is the fact that it looks quite dated, probably because it is quite old now! It would be good if mFortune gave it a bit of a facelift, although they are the experts – they could be thinking “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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Cat & Mouse

Cat and Mouse mobile slot from mfortune screenshotCat & Mouse is our favourite mobile slot in the world, as you can see by looking at our list of the top mobile slots! It’s loads of fun and offers some seriously good prizes too, but the best thing is that it’s original – there certainly aren’t any other mobile slots out there with this theme! We know that themes aren’t the most important thing, but they do make a difference to the overall enjoyment. It also has the best feature board of any mFortune mobile slot as well.

We can’t find anything wrong with Cat & Mouse at all, and we certainly aren’t going to make up any bad points. So, if you want a mobile slot that is absolutely perfect in every way, you should play Cat & Mouse!

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Pirates Treasure

Pirates treasure mobile slots from mFortunePlace your parrot on your shoulder and jump aboard the Jolly Roger, as this is a mobile slot from mFortune that conjures up all the fun of the high seas. It’s a five reel slot with multiple win lines, therefore you have loads of chances to win some serious booty. The feature board also lets you multiply your winnings even further, if you manage to spin in the bonus symbols. We find that Pirates Treasure is also one of the easiest slots to play on mFortune (along with Fruit Machine and Gold Rush), so it is perfect for beginners.

The only problem that we have with Pirates Treasure is that it isn’t too original – there are loads of pirate based mobile slots around the place! Pirates Treasure was one of the first though, so why should they change now?

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Alien Fruits

Alien Fruits mobile slot screenshotAlien Fruits was, for a long time, our number one slot machine in the world, until it was knocked off top spot by a spate of new and exciting games – such as Cat & Mouse! Despite this though, we still think it is brilliant and have given it five stars in the full review. It features a wacky alien theme that will keep you mesmerized for hours on end, plus it has a great bonus game. In this, you get to pick one star from the screen and you win whatever the amount is underneath it – this could be thousands of pounds!

The only sight problem we have with this machine is the fact that the jackpot is not huge – it is only £5,000. That being said, this jackpot is won every single week though, so you have a good chance of winning if you keep plugging away week after week.

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Gold Rush

Gold Rush screenshotGold Rush is a really simple slot machine, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good one! The simplicity of this mFortune slot means that anyone can understand it straight away, without having to worry about bonus rounds or scatter symbols. It’s also the case that this slot machine has a £75,000 jackpot when playing at the highest stakes – it could make you rich! The graphics of this mobile slot are also really nice – the whole screen turns into a kind of traditional slot machine that you might have found in Las Vegas in the 1960s!

Because this slot machine is so simple, it is tough to find anything to criticise. More advanced players might not find it too interesting due to the lack of features, but they have loads of other mobile slots to play instead!

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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo screenshotThis is yet another mobile slot that we rate really highly – in fact, it is number three on our list of the best mobile slots at the moment! It’s got a really rich feel to it, which is very apt, as the jackpot on here could easily make you rich as well! In fact, the jackpot stands at over £75,000, so just think what you could do with this money! The feature boards are the best part of this machine though, as there are four different ones and they all lead to massive prizes.

Is there anything wrong with this game? Well, in a word, no! The graphics are crisp, the prizes are good and the fun is there for all to have. Therefore, we think everyone will like Monte Carlo at mFortune, so you should head over there and play it today!

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Fruit Machine

fruit machine mobile slot mfortuneFruit Machine is the simplest mobile slot you are ever likely to see. There are three reels, one win line and no special features – but there is also a progressive jackpot, so it can get massive! You’ll find the traditional fruits spinning on the reels and it is perfect for those looking for a mobile slot in the style of old school fruit machines.

Fruit Machine is seen by many as too simple, but we think that’s a load of rubbish. How can you be too simple with a mobile slot? In our opinion, it’s great to see a site have the guts to strip down the mobile slot to its bare bones and let people play slot machines in their simplest form!

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