woman with boxing glovesOkay ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest of our bouts between the different casino sites out there. We started the series with a lightweight encounter between Fruity Phone and Pocket Fruity, but tonight we move onto a huge heavyweight bout. We’re seeing the two biggest names go head to head, with mFortune and LadyLuck’s about to step up to the plate and slug it out in a fight reminiscent of The Rumble in the Jungle. Who’s better? You’ll find out at the end of this page…

Firstly, we’ll go over the rules, because every single fair fight has to be governed by strict guidelines. There are five rounds, with the victor taking a point for each round won — if there is a draw, neither site will get the point for that round. Whoever has the most points at the end is the winner! These five rounds are:

  • Selection of slots
  • Bonuses offered
  • Potential winnings
  • Security
  • Compatibility

The five points above are the most important when looking for a new mobile casino to play out. If you want to find out more though, take a look at our mFortune review or our LadyLuck’s review. Anyway, the combatants are making their way to the ring, so let’s get ready to rumble!

cat and mouse mobile slotSelection of Slots

The first round is arguably the most important, and that’s because it is a duel over the best selection of mobile slots offered. The selection of slots is important because the more there are, the less chance a visitor has of becoming bored with the site and going elsewhere. So, which site has what? Well, mFortune weighs in with 7 different mobile slots, while LadyLuck’s has a grand total of 13, meaning that they are well in the lead at the moment…

There is something else we need to consider though, and that’s how good the slots actually are. If you look on the list of our best mobile slots, you’ll see that both casinos have two each on the list – mFortune has Cat & Mouse and Gold Rush, while LadyLuck’s has Long John's Silver and The Only Way Is Slots. So we’ll have to go back to the total number of games to find the winner, meaning that LadyLuck’s takes this first round!

Result: LadyLuck’s wins this round, making it 0-1

Bonuses Offered

Next we’ll take a look at the bonuses offered at each of the sites. Let’s start with mFortune first:

  • 100% First Deposit Bonus. Your first deposit is matched 100%, up to a value of £100.
  • £5 Welcome Bonus. You’ll get £5 as soon as you sign up, without depositing a penny.
  • mobile slot bonusesRefer a Friend. Get £5 plus 50% of your friend’s first deposit amount when you refer them to mFortune. This can count for unlimited numbers of friends!
  • Loyalty Promotions. If you play on the site regularly, you’ll receive loads of nice gifts from mFortune.
  • Weekly Prize Draws. Every week lucky players will win a selection of great prizes.
  • Facebook. If you follow mFortune on Facebook, you’ll get access to loads of exclusive promotions.
  • 10% Top Up. Every time you top up, mFortune will increase the amount by 10% (credit/debit cards and UKash only).

That’s pretty impressive from mFortune – surely LadyLuck’s can’t top that? Let’s take a look at the bonuses offered by them then…

  • 100% First Deposit Bonus. Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to £100.
  • £5 Welcome Bonus. Get £5 as soon as you sign up to the site.
  • 2nd and 3rd Deposit Bonus. 100% on anything up to £50 for your 2nd deposit, and 100% up to £25 on your 3rd deposit.
  • Refer a Friend. Get £20 for every friend you get to deposit on the site.
  • Facebook. Regular Facebook promotions and competitions.

As you can see, it’s a really close race here, but we think that mFortune has taken that round by a whisker – it’s the giveaways that have swayed us to pronounce them the winner. Both sites are really good though, but for the moment the score is locked at 1-1.

Result: mFortune wins, levelling the score at 1-1

win money at mfortune or ladylucksPotential Winnings

This is going to be a pretty short section, because both of these sites have the financial clout and huge memberships needed to provide some of the biggest jackpots in the industry. This means that regardless of the site you play on, you can take home thousands of pounds in one spin if you happen to be lucky enough! Some machines are progressive as well, so they will grow and grow until the jackpot is taken – try to play when the jackpot is about to burst!

As well as the jackpots, both sites give smaller wins multiple times per minute, meaning that players can keep their account ticking over with £1 here and £5 there. Both sites have a display showing how much is being won on their site, so you can see that they are both potentially very profitable places to play at! There’s nothing to separate these two heavyweights here, so the round is a draw!

Result: It’s a draw, so the scores stay at 1-1


Security is a really important consideration when deciding on which mobile casino to join, but the good news here is that both of these sites are completely safe – with huge turnovers every single year, they would be crazy not to protect themselves by keeping their customers safe. mFortune is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, while LadyLuck’s is regulated, just like many other sites, by the Government of Gibraltar. This regulation means that both sites are constantly being monitored to ensure that they are operating in a fair and legal manner.

Because both of these sites are so well regulated and are incredibly safe to use, it would be unfair to award one a victory. Therefore, this section is a draw as well – we can heartily recommend both sites if you are looking for a safe and secure place to play mobile slots!

Result: Another draw, keeping the scores locked at 1-1


It is the case with some mobile casinos that they only support a few phones, but both mFortune and LadyLuck’s are able to allow players with a huge variety of different mobiles to play. It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone, Android or Symbian handset, as you’ll be able to enjoy the games on offer as much as everyone else. If you’ve got an internet connection, you are ready to play!

Result: It’s a stalemate, meaning that the contest ends 1-1


There’s nothing to separate these two mobile slots sites, so the result ends up all square. LadyLuck’s has the better selection of games, while mFortune offers better bonuses. When it comes to compatibility, security and potential winnings, there is nothing to separate them. So, they are both winners and we’d really recommend them to everyone reading this article!

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