Regular readers of this site will know that we rate mFortune extremely highly and that they are one of the mobile casinos that we would recommend first to both new and experienced players of mobile slots, mobile blackjack and mobile roulette, as well as a whole bevy of other games as well. But why do we like this site so much, I hear you ask? Well, to answer this question, below is a comprehensive look of all of the different aspects of this site, so that you can see the proof!

Variety of Games

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so with this in mind, mFortune must be a veritable garden of spices! The type of game that it is best known for is the mobile slot, and our favourite one of these is Alien Fruits, which is a multi-line machine offering a number of different features and, most importantly, the largest payouts of any machine on the site! Other slot machines that they have available to play include:

> Gold Rush – A simple slot, but one that will have you hooked as you try to win the ultimate jackpot on offer.

> Vegas Vegas – More complex than most machines, but perfect for those looking for constant action and entertainment. Check this link for a brilliant sweep of Vegas Vegas jackpot by a mFortune player!

> Fruit Machine – Slots don’t get simpler than this one. An old school slot machine that is played just as slot machines should be.

> Pirates’ Treasure – A pirate themed slot with plenty of booty and some great surprises along the way as well.

mFortune Gold Rush Slots Screenshot

Check out our overview of all of mFortune's slots here. It isn’t just slot machines offered by mFortune though, as their casino games are comprehensive and cover the majority of the popular ones that you will want to play. Whether you are looking for blackjack, roulette or poker — they even have a game called ‘Sexy Poker' on the site, taking elements from strip poker — you will undoubtedly find what you need.

Affordable For All

All of the games on mFortune are affordable to you, regardless of how much you want to spend. If you are new to the world of mobile gaming and are slightly apprehensive, you can start by playing the slot machines at just 10p per spin, but if you want to go for the biggest payouts, you can play for up to £50 per spin on some slots! We would recommend that you start low and then build up your stakes as you get more and more proficient at the different slots on the site.

Big Prizes!

mFortune has a reputation of paying out the biggest prizes in the industry, and as your ultimate goal is to win as much money as possible, this should be an extremely attractive prospect to you! At the time of writing –- January 2012 -– the site had paid out over £18,000,000 in the last month, which is obviously a huge amount! The biggest winner in the last month is Kerry S, who went away with a staggering £36,000 from one spin of the reel. There have also been consistent winnings of over £8,000 throughout the month -– could you be the next person to make it onto their winnings leaderboard?

Pirate's Treasure Screenshot with All Lines Selected!

Great Bonuses!

Anyone looking for a mobile casino to play at should certainly take a look at the welcome bonus that they offer, as well as the ongoing bonuses that can be gained as you play on the site more and more. In this respect, mFortune offer a great deal to all players signing up, as they will give you a bonus of £5 as soon as you sign up, and they will also match the first deposit that you make 100%.

In addition to these welcome bonuses, they also offer other casino bonuses throughout your time on the site. Perhaps the best of these is the loyalty bonus, which will reward you the more you play. They will also give you a bonus of 10% every single time you make a deposit onto their site, plus they run promotions in line with many of the world’s biggest events, such as sporting world cups and the Olympics. In a nutshell, there will always be a new and exciting promotion available on mFortune!

Easy Deposit Methods

You can make deposits to mFortune through a number of different channels, such as credit and debit cards and PayPal, but the one that we find most impressive is the way that you can deposit using your mobile phone. While most sites offer this method, the thing that makes mFortune stand out is that they allow the lowest deposit amount using this method of all of the mobile casinos, coming in at just £3. This means that it is the perfect site for those looking to play for small amounts and simply have some fun. Obviously if you want to deposit much more though, you can as well!

Depositing Options on mFortune Game

They Are Trustworthy

mFortune can be trusted completely when you play with them, as they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that they will always provide accurate odds on all of their games and that players can be sure that they are being treated fairly whenever they play. There is no need to be concerned at all when playing on this site – their reputation wouldn’t be so good if there was a need to worry!


There are a number of different things that we love about mFortune. The biggest ones though are:

• They have great bonuses for all players.
• Their selection of games is better than 99% of all mobile sites.
• They are safe to play with.

You are probably asking yourself whether there are any negative points to this site though. The answer to this is that there is just one: the games are so addictive that you might find yourself spending hours on the site every day!

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