premium sms mobileAt MobileSlots4U, we love mobile casino gaming. A big part of gaming on the go is using a depositing method, which is equally practical when you're out of the house. In the past, we've talked about mobile depositing in depth, explaining how to deposit using Boku, Payforit and even Pay By Phone depositing.

Each of these depositing methods has its own unique way of handling mobile payments, but all of them are equally quick and simple to understand. On top of that, they're also widely available, so once you've got the hang of one, you can use it at a whole host of mobile casinos.

Text to pay depositing works slightly different, flipping the rules of mobile depositing on its head. It's also only available at a handful of casinos, so you're not likely to run into often enough for it to become second nature to you. In this quick guide, we'll go into how you can use text to pay mobile depositing, so you can carry out your deposits with ease and get onto the fun stuff quicker.


How Is Text To Pay Mobile Depositing Different?

pay by phonebill mfortune depositText to pay mobile depositing may confuse first time users because of how different it is to other mobile depositing methods. The usual course of action when making a mobile deposit with a standard pay by phone service is that you enter your mobile number and you amount you wish to pay at the depositing screen. You will then be sent an SMS, which will contain a code that you must type into the casino in order to verify the purchase, or ask you to respond to the SMS in order to finalise the deposit.

By having the pay by phone provider contact you, it makes payers feel as if they're being guided by the mobile depositing service into completing the payment. After all, mobile depositing is a very unique depositing method and no one wants to accidentally charge a big amount to their end of the month bill or drain their mobile credit right away, simply because they made a simple mistake out of ignorance.

Text to pay mobile depositing takes a different route and instead asks you to send a text to the mobile depositing provider right away, without receiving anything from their end first. When you go to make a deposit, you will be asked how much you wish to deposit and then be sent a premium SMS number to send a text to. Once you text this number, then your transaction is complete and you have deposited to your mobile casino.

Having to send the first SMS is the nerve wracking part as players are usually worried that they are sending it to the wrong number, or they're possibly confused about how the mobile depositing provider can be sure it's them and not charge them an extortionate amount.

Plus the premium SMS number will usually trigger your mobile network provider into sending you a warning that the number you're contacting will cost money, and even though you won't be charged any extra, these kind of warnings send alarm bells to an already nervous depositor.

But we're here today to show you how text to pay deposits are just as simple as any other kind of mobile depositing service. All you have to do is ignore any hesitations you have with the service and follow the simple instructions provided by your casino.


How To Make Text To Pay Mobile Deposits

mfortune successful depositHere's how you can make deposits using a text to pay mobile depositing service:

  • Head to the depositing screen of your mobile casino and select pay by phone bill as your depositing option
  • Select the amount you wish to deposit, which will usually be £3, £5 or £10
  • Once you confirm the amount you wish to pay, you'll then be told to text a premium SMS number, which will usually be a 5 digit number
  • Head to your messaging app and text the number. You don't have to write anything specific, you simply have to send a text as you usually would
  • If successful, you'll then receive an SMS back on the same number, confirming your payment
  • You're now free to play at your mobile casino

For peace of mind, the reason this system is able to charge you accurately is because the casino already knows your mobile number, because you had to enter it as part of your initial sign up. All your casino does is tells the automated system that if it receives a text from your number within the next 15 minutes, then it should charge your mobile phone bill the amount which you previously selected at the casino. If you wait longer than the 15 minute period, then your number will be ignored if you send a text and you'll have to start the whole process over again.


Which Casinos Use Text To Pay Depositing?

At present, text to pay mobile depositing is used primarily by InTouch Gaming casinos, such as mFortune, PocketWin and Mr Spin. The mobile depositing method is developed in house and run by the casino itself, which is why it functions so differently to other third party mobile depositing platforms, which are supported by other mobile casinos. Below are a few things about each casino, so you can go and check them out if you want and try out their personal mobile depositing service all by yourself.

mFortune Casino

mfortune-mobile-phone-bill-depositmFortune Casino was InTouch Gaming's first mobile casino and paved the way for mobile casinos which could keep up with its desktop competitors. mFortune still allows desktop gamblers to play its games, but any amount of time at mFortune will help you see that it is a mobile casino at heart. mFortune's library of games are all mobile optimised and playable from day one on mobile, with desktop players having to wait.

All its games are exclusive to mFortune and are all complimented with mobile friendly promotions that are perfect for mobile players. If you like the sound of mobile depositing, mobile friendly slots that are exclusive to the casino and £5 absolutely free with no wagering requirements, then mFortune might just be the perfect mobile casino for you.

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PocketWin Mobile Casino

PocketWin Casino LogoPocketWin is a mobile exclusive casino, which can only be played on mobile. Much like mFortune, PocketWin features slot games and casino games which are all exclusively designed in house and can only be played at PocketWin. PocketWin is an app based casino, so any games must be downloaded to your mobile, which means that they run far better than any slot could on a browser based casino.

PocketWin comes with numerous mobile friendly depositing methods, which include text to pay mobile depositing, so whether you're at home or on the go, you can play amazing slot games and fund all your play seamlessly from your mobile phone.

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Mr Spin Mobile Casino

mr-spin-pop-up-logoMr Spin Casino is the latest of the InTouch Gaming casinos and yet it has already proven itself with a strong lineup of exclusive slot games and mobile friendly promotions which blow most big name casinos out of the water. Players who sign up today can get £5 absolutely free, with a keep what you win promise.

You can then look forward to a deposit match on your first deposit, with that same keep what you win promise. The best part is yet to come, as players can enjoy these exclusive mobile slots and be rewarded with these incredible promotions, all whilst using text to pay mobile depositing as their primary depositing method.

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