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Wintastic Beasts: Simply Fantastic — Intro

The world’s entertainment calendar marches to the beat of Hollywood’s drum. Whenever a blockbuster movie is released, there’s always a flurry of accompanying mobile games, official merchandise, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, and, of course, slot games. It’s imperative to completely immerse the public into these big franchises and milk consumers’ wallets as far as they can! Well, this November has been JK Rowling’s month.

The latest movie in her Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is wooing both new and old fans all across the globe. Of course the slot industry has to ride the trend too. And so we have a shameless spin-off titled Wintastic Beasts by Pocketwin Mobile Casino.

PocketWin would never admit it, but the references are uncanny. Brewing potions, waving wands and flying around on broomsticks? These are activities that I’ve read about countless times in JK Rowling’s intricate world of wizardry and witchcraft.

The reels are also populated by interesting creatures (unicorns and werewolves?), although not as fantastic as Newt Scamander’s beasts that are at the central premise of this latest movie. Nevertheless, I am a huge Harry Potter fan at heart and this slot got me really excited.

About The Slot
Wintastic Beasts features a traditional 5x3 slot setup. This game is made up of 15 configurable winlines. You can play with as many or as few paylines as you like each time. As a general rule, the more winlines that you activate at one go, the faster the game’s pace. Your chances of winning and losing are largely the same in the long run. Which do you prefer? Stretching your small budget for as long as you can, or betting on a short, intense sprint on the slots? I usually prefer the latter.

The reels are populated with eight different base game symbols. There’s the usual 10, J, Q, K and A; each of which is accompanied by an imaginary beast of some sort. There’s also the potions cradled by the witch; these ones deliver Wild wins and unlock the mini games. If you get five of these in the row, you’ll also pick up the game’s progressive jackpot! At the time of writing, the jackpot stands at just over three grand.

It won’t stand match to those six-figure jackpots over at bigger casinos, but I guess you could say that the chances of actually winning this jackpot is slightly higher. The figure keeps growing too! A portion of every player’s wager is added to the prize pool. Would you be the next lucky bloke to take it home?

Wintastic Beasts is playable from as little as 2p per line. You can also jack up the wagers up to £100 per line if you prefer! No one can complain that the game doesn’t cater to their wallet size. The casino is also well known for accepting deposits via phone bill; from as little as £3 each time.

All you have to do is send an SMS and the deposit amount will be added to your monthly phone bill or deducted from your prepaid Pay As You Go SIM card. There’s also a auto-spin feature that makes the reels magically spin themselves. You can also set them to stop when you win a certain amount.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Any Harry Potter fan care to identify the witch standing at the side of the reels? I’m going to bet on Nymphadora Tonks! Anyway, her fiery pink hair represents the general spunkiness of the entire game. The game is painted in bold colours and fluid animation; there’s dramatic music playing in the background. It would’ve been nice if Pocketwin got exclusive rights from the official Harry Potter brand – proper dragons, the famous opening soundtrack — but that would have been a very costly partnership.

Game Features


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Game Features: Love Tonics, Ring Rush!
There are two mini games to get excited over. The first is titled Love Tonic. It’s like taking a Potions class with Professor Snape! To trigger the game, you’ll need to gather three potions of matching colours on the reels. The game then brews up a multiplier potion that you can apply onto the upcoming three extra spins.

You could also gather a Wild potion that can morph into any colour and complete combinations. For example, if you get a blue potion and two Wilds, you’ll brew yourself a blue potion with 60x multipliers. The most potent potion of all is the yellow-coloured liquid – liquid gold! This guy multiplies your wager by 180x. That’s a proper pay day by any measure!

Ring Rush takes you through the skies on a magical broomstick. Your aim is to zoom through as many  hoops as you can and collect multipliers along the way. Try and get yourself through all 12 hoops and reach the massive hoop at the very end. This final jumbo hoop rewards players with over 50x multipliers. So, how do we go about this flying business? The mini game presents a number spinner, which dictates the number of hoops you can pass through each time.

Each little flight can last between one and six hoops. However, if you bring up a piggy bank on the number spinner, your broomstick comes crashing down immediately and the mini game ends. It’s unfortunate, but at least you get to keep all the multipliers you have amassed up until then! These mini games also trigger very often so you’ll get another chance at pocketing more bonuses soon.

Wintastic Beasts — Smooth As Silk, In And Out!
The gaming studio for Pocketwin Casino is famous for writing games that are compatible with every single mobile device on Earth. That is no overstatement. You could try playing on your five-year old iPod Touch or your newest Android tablet; the game will definitely load flawlessly.

However, the game model is slightly unconventional by today’s mobile casino standards, in that you have to download the app onto your phone rather than play from the Internet browser. Simply head over to Pocketwin’s website and enter your mobile phone number on the site. Then, the casino will send you a link via SMS. Click it and you’re few minutes away from playing!

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Wintastic Beasts: There is nothing in the world like what you will experience here in Wintastic Beasts. Is it literally a wild dream come true!

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