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Spin Your Cards Right – Intro

It is somewhat a rare occurrence that we are inclined to give a mobile slot really good reviews and ratings. However, after experiencing the new Spin Your Cards Right mobile slot by PocketWin, we realized just a good review will not do this game any justice. In every aspect of the game PocketWin has blown us away the sophistication in design and crisp in gameplay.

Every feature is tailor made creatively to deliver maximum user satisfaction among players. There is everything from jackpots to mini games to entertain you here. In our humble opinion, this mobile slot is perfect just the way it is, and we cannot wait for PocketWin to give us more slots!

About The Slot
Before jumping into the action (and getting a good luck kiss from Bob’s assistant), let’s go by the basics of the game really quick. For starters, Spin Your Cards Right mobile slot features a 3 X 5 reel layout and a respectable 20 win lines. This slot game accepts a minimum wager of 20p and caps out at an unbelievably high £1,900.

I’m pretty confident that nobody in their right minds would wager anything close to the maximum amount (unless you’re a ridiculously rich celebrity), but nevertheless it’s nice to see that a wide range or wagers are accepted. You can also further tweak the amount of paylines that you want to play with to manage your budget.

That said, this game will fit both casual players and enthusiasts alike as the developers of this game has gone the extra mile to ensure that the game can be customized in any way that one wishes.

One nice touch that PocketWin has added to this game is how well everything is organised within your screen despite the amount of visual elements and animations going on. It is super simple to adjust everything according to your preference and even look feature information up. As many buttons as there is on your screen, the layout does not seem cluttered at all. Props to PocketWin for that.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Visually, Spin Your Card Right by PocketWin feels as if it was developed by Pixar Studios. There are loads of animation throughout the game. Even in the base game, Bob’s glamorous assistant would dance around and cheer you on as you play. The graphics just gets more sophisticated as you play.

Every feature in this game can be considered a mini-game and new sets of graphics have been designed for each and every one of it. PocketWin did not take the easy way out by duplicating or reusing ant visual elements. That’s really impressive to the say the least.

The part that really impresses all of us here at MS4U is that despite the heavy and top quality animations, the game runs smoothly without any glitches on all our devices. In fact, we did the Android testing on out 3 year old Samsung smartphone, and Spin Your Cards Right just ran flawlessly.

The soundtrack that accompanies the game also goes hand in hand with the fast paced theme that PocketWin has decided to go with. As trivial and simple as this sounds, a lot of developers nowadays design games where all the aspects of the game don’t work well together and ultimately reducing the quality of the gaming experience of any player.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Bob's Bonus, Gamble Feature!
No slot game is complete without extra spins being thrown around. Just to make things more fun there are two different ways in which you can win loads of money from this feature. The first is the more conventional extra spins rewards when you get at least three extra spin symbols anywhere on your reels. Three, four and five extra spin symbols will respectively give you five, seven and nine extra spins.

Once this feature is triggered, it will pay in any order on an active win line. The second part to winning money from extra spins is via the symbols itself. Five extra spin symbols on a win line will give you a massive 100X win on your wager. Four symbols and three symbols on a win line will give you 30X and 10X your wager.

Next up is the “Bob’s Bonus” feature. In this feature you will enter the mini game with two or more mini game symbols in a row on an active win line. More symbols will give you higher win multipliers as you enter the mini game! Playing this feature is pretty simple.

All you have to do is pick a card from a few options and consequently you will either receive a win or a spin on the wheel. The wheel will let you pick another card, collect your winnings or double your winnings for you. This feature can potentially pay up to 496X your wager. Not bad for wheel spin!

The third feature in Spin Your Cards Right is the gamble feature. Don’t be fooled, this is not the usual gamble feature you would find in other slot games where you pick the colour of a card and subsequently the suit of a card. PocketWin has pretty much taken this feature to a whole new level by making a mini game out of it.

After any win in the base game, you can opt to gamble your winnings by selecting a multiplier or picking cards. You would then spin the wheel, and if the arrow points to the card you selected, the win is yours. Beware, any other numbers will lose your stake. If the arrow points to ‘Bob’, you will enter the 50 50 spinner.

Last but not least, there is the Wild symbol feature. This symbol exists pretty much for one and only reason: to give you more wins. The Wild symbols can replace any symbol (except mini game and extra spin symbols) to complete winning paylines for you.

Spin Your Cards Right — Bob's Bonus Feature
The unique features of this game has to be the mini games, namely the ‘Bobs’ feature and the Gamble feature. Not only does it excites players as they get to play a brand new interactive game within the slot itself, it also pays very handsomely. Each feature is independent of each other; some being extremely interactive and some being totally random and activated by chance alone.

One thing in common is that similar to the base gameplay, its features are as fast paced. The general idea that PocketWin has behind all the features in this game is to make it as adrenaline inducing as possible. On top of all the bonus feature that PocketWin has included there is also a progressive jackpot in Spin Your Cards Right mobile slot.

At time of writing, the jackpot had already reached to a respectable £6,000 and chances are that it’s only going to sky-rocket from there as more players start playing this game.

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