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Space Katz – Intro

mFortune Casino is on a roll, releasing a second game this month. This time round, it's all about space-faring moggies that line up to get you intergalactic wins. With a bonus game to get multipliers, extra spins, and starting at just 2p wager per line, Space Katz mobile slot is a welcome addition to the ever-expanding mFortune casino portfolio. And it's launch time today, so check out this Space Katz mobile slot review to find out how you can take your mobile gambling to outer space.

About The Slot
Heavens know that we love mFortune, in fact, you might already be sick of it, so we'll spare you the extensive details. However, there are two things you absolutely must know when it comes to their new game Space Katz.

First, in many ways, this mobile slot is the same as the usual mFortune in that it is one of the best games you could possibly play on your mobile phone or tablet device. It's optimised to offer you an unparalleled gaming experience, so go ahead and take that phone call because your game will not get interrupted.

Second, the mechanics and the graphics of the game are very much like the rest of the mFortune slots: a lot of fun, a little bit crazy (cats in space, anyone?) and very, very rewarding. Let's have a closer look in this Space Katz mobile slot review.

The Theme Is A Bit Bonkers
We can't get over the fact that this brand new mFortune slot features cats that are fully suited up and float about in space. In fact, cats of all shapes and sizes are featured in this game and some of them even have their own little space ships – we're stunned.

mFortune's other recent games were a little more down to earth, for example the Little Red Riding Hood mobile slot,  Sherlock mobile slot and quite literally earth-related Gold MacDonald mobile slot. However, now the tables have turned and you'll get to observe kitties battling it out in space, chasing balls of yarn and otherwise getting their claims for the largest wins.

The game itself is set in outer space and the reels sit above a somewhat lunar surface. Asteroids float about and the sounds are righteously intergalactic, but with the right amount of meow. Sorry, we can't resist making bad cat puns – you must check this game out to believe the theme!

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Extra-Terrestrial Tabbies Have Their Eyes On The Prize
And it isn't a can of tuna or a bag of cat treats they're after. These are special space cats, remember? Plus, this is a mobile slot, so obviously there are wins to be had – what else!

Classic mFortune, you can bet as little as 2p, but there is the option to go as high up as £20. Consider that in relation to the five reels and 20 paylines and it becomes quite clear that this mobile slot is of low variance.

It's standard fare at mFortune mobile casino, which caters specifically to those who use mobile slots to place smallish bets and don't expect the world back. Small change would be nice and every once in a while you do get lucky with a massive multiplier, jackpot or a large base win, but you should ideally look out for the features to boost your winnings.

The return to percentage at just over 96% is a golden industry standard and the maximum payout is for getting five of the Wilds. It's bizarre, but it works – you'll become quite involved with all the types of cats chasing each other quite quickly. Especially since the maximum win is £40,000. Who couldn't get used to the winning potential of that?

Lastly, don't forget that you can gamble every single win you achieve with the Gamble Galaxy feature. You can choose from 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 12x multipliers, which will set up the radar accordingly: the higher the multiplier, the smaller the area of potentially winning it. The needle will then spin and you'll find out if you're the winner. Do keep in mind that you cannot gamble wins over £1,000.

Game Features: Too Many To List Here!
For the first time ever – drum-roll please – our section headline isn't long enough to fit every single feature that Space Katz offers. We knew that mFortune are famous for packing bonus games, extra spins and other features into their games, but they've gone above and beyond to ensure that Space Katz mobile slot is a slot that won't get boring quickly.

Watch Out For The Wild Rockets – They're Everywhere
If you're ever wondering if a mobile slot can come without Wilds, then the answer is…no. It seems that every single game these days has this nifty little feature, but all the better for us.

Wilds will maximise your wins by substituting for any other symbol on the reels to get you a winning combo. That's except the bonus symbol and the extra spins symbol in Space Katz. Even better, it can be used in combination with the jackpot symbol which is a space rocket to claim really huge wins.

Don't take our word for it, we'll prove it. If you get two Wilds on a winning line, you'll get a multiplier of 15x applied to your wager. Better still, three Wilds will boost your winnings exponentially to 100x and to 500x for four. Then, the grand maximum prize is awarded for five Wilds on a winning payline, getting you 2,000x your bet – if you're playing at the maximum £20, you could walk away with a life changing £40,000!

How To Get Some Space Katz Extra Spins
Another staple of mFortune games are the generous amounts of extra spins that they dish out. Space Katz is no different. Offering five, seven or nine extra spins depending on how many scatters triggered the extra spins (three, four or five accordingly), the round takes place in the same setting and in front of the same background.

We think that mFortune could have tried a little harder to make the extra spins mode more exciting and special, but hey, we're not going to complain about extra spins!

It's straight-forward – the reels will spin wager-free and can get you wins, trigger features or even get you some extra extra spins. What's more is that a multiplier is applied to all extra spins winnings: three extra spins symbols means 10x multiplier, four gets you 30x and the one to really strive for is the five extra spins symbol multiplier of 100x.

Yet, even if you get seven extra spins with four extra spins symbols, which is totally doable, you could win big. Let's say you're playing with middle of the road wager of £2 and win £50 totally from the extra spins. This sum will then be multiplied by 30 to get you to a grand total win of £1,500 – an awesome way to spend your time!

A Mini-Game Filled With Katz, Of Course
A beautifully crafted mini-game adorns the reels of this mobile slot. The Space Ball game is triggered by two or more symbols of balls of yarn on an active payline. Depending on how many symbols get you through to the game, different multipliers will be applied to your winnings:

  • 2 symbols – 2x, 5x, 10x, 50x
  • 3 symbols – 5x, 10x, 15x, 100x
  • 4 symbols – 10x, 15x, 20x, 150x
  • 5 symbols – 15x, 20x, 30x, 200x

The game itself is simple – as your little space cat follows the ball of yarn, the goal is to reach the Kat Planet to claim the biggest multiplier. But don't fear. Even if you don't make it till the end, you'll still be awarded the highest multiplier you reached.

Progressive Jackpot Of Space Katz Is Set To Rise
Actually, all of mFortune games are launched with a jackpot, so having a progressive jackpot in itself isn't a unique or an overwhelmingly exciting feature. Nonetheless, given the fact that the jackpots eventually accumulate large sums that can drop at a touch of a button, we would be fools not to point this feature out.

More specifically, all mobile slots start off with a £2,000 sum credited to the jackpot. So, you can expect a sum that's approximately £2,000 if you were to strike it lucky on Space Katz these days. However, we hope that your luck sits and waits it out until the jackpot grows bigger and bigger. What could it become? Let's look at what other mFortune slot jackpots are doing.

For example, Buck-a-Reels was launched not even two months ago, but it already has accumulated a jackpot of over £5,000 and Viking Storm from a while back features a massive jackpot of over £12,000. We are itching to get our hands on these prizes!

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