Slots of the Dead

Filled with harmless-looking zombies and multipliers, you are sure to have fun with this slot game!

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Slots of the Dead – Intro

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are falling, the air is chilling and Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you want to surround yourself with gore and horror or indulge yourself in pumpkin-spice festivity, the slots' world has got you covered. Aside from the famous Halloween-y titles like Magic Portals and Blood Suckers, you’ll find plenty of new October releases too. Among these new slots is Slots of the Dead by Mr Spin Casino. It’s filled with harmless-looking zombies and multipliers. Let’s hope it has more treats than tricks up its sleeve!

About The Slot
Slot of the Dead has five reels and 20 paylines. The reels are loaded with eight different game symbols, each modeled after a different zombie character. It’s quite difficult to tell which zombie is more desirable than the other, but the game will fill the entire screen with celebratory exclamations when you get big wins. Games start from as little as 2p per line, or 40p per spin if you max out the number of paylines.

It’s one of those low-volatility slots where you can spin for ages and barely make a dent in your bankroll. As for payouts, the game triggers few wins every now and then, always rewarding enough cash to keep you afloat for few mins longer. Every now and then, you’ll score a rewarding payout that really boosts your balance and makes your day.

Like many slots at Mr Spin Casino, there’s a tidy progressive jackpot to be won in the Slots of the Dead slots. At the time of writing, the jackpot stands at £2,500, but this number will just keep growing. The term “progressive jackpot” means that the game sets aside a portion of every wager that’s ever placed on the game and reserves it for a lucky winner. As more people play the game, the larger the game grows. Judging by the track record of other Mr Spin jackpots, I’m confident that the Slot of the Dead jackpot will at least double in size within one month.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Slots of the Dead draws inspiration from the hit PC game, Plants vs. Zombies. You’ve got various types of zombies rising from their graves: there’s one dressed as a nurse and another as a nun, a male zombie swinging a chainsaw and another with his brains popping out. All in all, it’s more quirky than spooky. Needless to say, all the graphics in this game is as crystal clear as it can be.

Sometimes we wonder if the best design studios in the world have helped Mr Spin in designing this mobile slot. The accompanying music matches the theme as well. Every now and then it will make you think that you were watching a zombie horror show rather than just playing a slot game.

Slots of the Dead is compatible on all mobile devices including tablets, phones, Android and iOS devices. It is absolutely free to play too. You just have to enter your mobile number on Mr Spin’s website and they’ll send you a link to download the app.

Game Features


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Game Features: Mini-Games Galore!
There’s a mini game that fits in brilliantly with the zombie apocalypse narrative. To unlock it, you need to score three bonus symbols in a row; this is the symbol with the zombie holding a TV and rising from his grave. The Tooled Up mini game resembles a typical spin-the-wheel setup. Your aim is to either spin matching weapons or some food in order to win instant cash multipliers.

In Tooled Up, you have one line to spin on and you have two goals – either spin three matching weapons, or spin some food! 1, 2 or 3 lots of food will give you more. You'll get more spins on the TV depending on how many minigame icons you managed to spin! The more spins you get, the more multipliers you could win. There are some big bonuses available in Tooled Up!

Of course, you’ll want to avoid the R.I.P headstones as those end your game immediately. The number of spins you get in the game depends on the number of mini-game icons that you collected prior to entering the game.You can also choose to gamble every win during the base game. If you dare, you could double or even treble your winnings!

It’s an extremely fun proposition that’ll send your adrenaline through the roof! However, if you prefer not to be tempted, you can also turn the gamble feature off altogether on the main screen. You could also have it come into play only if you win above a set amount, with the exception of wins over £1,000.

Slots Of The Dead — 50 Extra Spins!
Don’t forget, if you’re new to Mr Spin Mobile Casino, you get 50 extra spins (worth £5) to start you off; no deposit required! Better yet, the casino has 1x wagering requirements and you can withdraw every penny that you win. If you’re an existing customer at Mr Spin, you’ll get 30 extra spins to try out this new game. On top of all that, Mr Spin Casino will also match 100% of your first deposit. As the casino tagline goes, it’s the home of extra spins. I can definitely attest to that – the casino actually lives up to its name!

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Like all festive-themed games, Slots of the Dead is bound to grow a bit tired once November arrives. So, don’t procrastinate and have a spin soon!

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