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Saving Jane – Intro

Swinging on jungle vines, rubbing his potbelly and trying to save the lovely Jane – that's the storyline of the newest PocketWin mobile slot and we're very excited to be reviewing it! Although the story resembles the story of Tarzan, PocketWin's rendition is much more whacky and engaging, with a fair amount of money to be won and a free £5 to all those just starting out at PocketWin casino. Let's take a closer look at what this game has got to offer in Saving Jane mobile slot review.

About The Slot
If you know us a little bit, you'll know that we have our go-to casinos and one of them is PocketWin. We were thrilled to find out that yet another new game is being launched and it appears that they are on a roll, pushing out new titles monthly now. Don't forget that every single new game can be checked out with a free £5 bonus, if you've not been a member of PocketWin prior.

Saving Jane features a catchy storyline of a slightly overweight Tarzan, but it's not just about jungle animals and saving Jane. However, this rendition of the famous story by throwing in witch doctors, tombstone features and other slightly shenanigans. Let's talk about the creepy teeth of Tarzan! Despite some dubious design decisions, this game will slot in nicely among other PocketWin titles such as the recent Dr Zoolittle and Disco Gold.

A Jungle Themed Traditional Slot From PocketWin
Unlike some of the other developers like mFortune or NetEnt, who've been innovating slot gameplay till their heart's content, PocketWin are keeping things traditional and simple. Sure, it's nice to add 3D graphics, 3D sounds and all sorts of funky features into the mix every once in a while, but we always find ourselves retreating to time-tested classics.

That's why PocketWin's new release Saving Jane is so exciting. This five reel and fifteen payline mobile slot takes bets as low as 2p, that's if you play with just one payline activated. We don't recommend doing that and think that you stand much more to win if you play at the minimum bet level, but with all 15 paylines activated.

That said, the maximum bet is a moderately sized £42 and the slot yields a 96.5% return-to-player – this is a low/medium variance slot that will keep you happy with many small wins and a couple of medium/large ones once in a (long) while too.

One new thing that we did discover is that some of the elements in the background of the slot are interactive. Go ahead and tap the red flower in the right bottom corner or wiggle that plant in the bottom left, we know you want to! We just wish that next time, PocketWin add more animation. For example, the spider, monkey and snake could have certainly been animated and move around the screen for those moments we don't want to spin the reels, but want to mess about.

And as always, PocketWin's games are outstanding mobile performers. Designed with user experience in mind, you don't have to worry about taking a call or exiting from the app as you will always go back to the precise point in gameplay where you left off.

Game Features


Return to player

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Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Wilds, Extra Spins, Bonus Games and Jackpot
The raunchy Tarzan has got quite a few features packed into this mobile slot and all of them are your regular game features. Unfortunately, although there hasn't been any new and innovative features that PocketWin decided to include in Saving Jane, it's still a great mobile slot to check out and wait for the features to come by.

Swining' Wilds, Extra Spins and Progressive Jackpot on Saving Jane
This are rather straightforward, so we won't dwell on these two for long. Wilds will liven up the gameplay, not only because the symbol is a gorgeous leopard, but also because Wilds also pay out the maximum win at £84,000. That will only happen if you get five Wilds lined up on a payline – highly unlikely, but hugely rewarding were it to happen.

Extra Spins are awarded to lucky players, who get three, four or five jungle drum symbols on their reels. Five, seven or nine extra spins will be credited to you accordingly, and a multiplier of 10x, 30x and 100x added accordingly too. So you don't just get some free wagers on the mobile slot, but also get your winnings multiplied. Excellent stuff!

And don't forget about the progressive jackpot, which is righteously a staple of all PocketWin games. Five Tarzan jackpot symbols will get you the pot of gold, although do keep in mind that combining Wilds and Jackpot symbols cannot be done if you want to claim the progressive jackpot. In a case of combination of five Wilds and Jackpots, a 300x multiplier is awarded.

Two Bonus Games To Keep You On Your Toes
Sometimes, PocketWin games come with just a single mini game feature, but we're lucky! Saving Jane mobile slot has got two bonus games, the first of which is King of Swing. You can enter this bonus game with two or more caged Jane symbols on an active payline.

As the name implies, you'll be swinging on jungle vines based on what number you spin on the wheel. Your goal is to get to Jane, the poor soul who is caged at the far right end of your screen. Spin the correct amount of swings to skip the vines that aren't really vines, but poisonous snakes! Get to the end and you'll be awarded with a healthy multiplier the size of which will depend on how many symbols got you to the game in the first place. For example, two symbols means that you can get multipliers from 5x to 20x, but five symbols get you multipliers of at least 25x all the way up to 200x!

Then, there is the Witch Doctor feature that has got a creepy man in a tribal mask overlooking your choice of a tombstone. This is simply a pick-and-choose game, where a selected tombstone will reveal a random multiplier, plus a number of Extra Spins too! Again, depending on how many symbols trigger the feature, the size of multipliers will also differ. What you want to get is five bonus symbols on the reels that will get you a minimum multiplier of 20x all the way up to 100x, and 9 Extra Spins too.

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