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Extra spins, mini-games and even a jackpot — all set in a wintry wonderland in the Polar Slots game!

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Polar Slots – Intro

Mr Spin casino only host their own exclusive games and Polar Slots is the latest in their line of in house developed slot games. Polar Slots is the arctic themed mobile slot, which comes complete with two special bonus rounds and a progressive jackpot feature as well. Polar Slots is available to play from now, exclusively over at Mr Spin Casino. We'll break down the features that make up Polar Slots, so you can see if it's your kind of slot game.

About The Slot
Polar Slots takes a traditional route when it comes to how the game plays. It's a 5x3 reel slot, with nine paylines in total. The number of paylines is probably the strangest thing about the slot, since it is relatively low compared to other slots, which usually contain at least 15.

However, Polar Slots comes with several bonus rounds that are triggered far more regularly than other slots might have, due to the increased number of ways they can be triggered. There are two bonus rounds in total, which includes a board game bonus and a extra spins mode.

By having multiple bonus rounds, which contain numerous symbols across all the reels of the slot, the chances of activating a bonus round is greatly increased. What you get is a slot that pays out less often in the base game, but gives out more bonus rounds, where the chances to win cash is highest.

Polar Slots also comes with a progressive jackpot, which we'll go into more detail about how that works below. The slot doesn't keep the player updated about what the progressive jackpot is, unlike many other progressive jackpots, so it might be easy to miss for players who skip the tutorial. But this slot does still come with a fully-fledged progressive jackpot for players to pick up, in addition to two other bonus rounds.

Game Features


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Mr Spin casino makes all its own slots in house and has thankfully learned quickly, that poor quality slots means customers don't return. Because of this, Polar Slots runs incredibly well. It comes in its own app, which shows that the game has been designed and optimised to work specifically on mobile. Polar Slots also benefits from simple graphics, so it's not taxing enough to cause any issues and plays well even on lower spec mobiles.

Polar Slots comes with two bonus features that can be triggered from the base game. One of the most original things that jumped out immediately with Polar Slots, was its board game feature. We've seen this feature before in a host of other slots, where players must roll a dice to make their way across a board game like area, avoiding obstacles and landing on as many multipliers as they can.

In most versions of this game, the player will roll the dice about five times before hitting the end of the level and receiving a big multiplier as a reward, or simply hitting an obstacle and leaving with whatever they've managed to collect.

Polar Slots is different, because it's board game has no end point. Instead players can roll a dice to keep going around in a circle. As long as they avoid obstacles each time, players can continue picking up multipliers until they eventually fail.

The downside of this increased run time within the bonus is that the multipliers have been scaled back to keep the balance. Instead of 5x multipliers, the most a player can receive is a 1x – 2x multiplier per turn. There are also additional multipliers of 25x, but they can only be found on 2 places across the board. But keep the game going long enough and these problems quickly iron themselves out, due to the amount you can win back on a single low wager.

Extra Spins Mode
The number of extra spin symbols you receive, greatly affects how profitable your extra spins round will be. Players can spin either three, four or five extra spins symbols, which will give them five, seven or nine extra spins depending on the number of symbols spun.

Not only that, but the more symbols a player spins, they'll also get a larger multiplier on each win. Players can receive between a 10x – 100x multiplier on their payout depending on how many symbols they've landed. Extra spins mode comes around often and can be extremely rewarding depending on what you spin.

If we had a single complaint, it's that the extra spins mode blends so well into the base game, since it has no introductory video, that most of the time we hadn't even realised we'd activated it. This can trick you into thinking it's a rarer feature than it actually is, so it's a shame that the game doesn't make it more clear than a simple piece of text at the top of the reels.

Progressive Jackpot For Grabs
A progressive jackpot isn't something we see very often in a slot that doesn't rely on it as its main feature, but Polar Slots is exactly one of those rare slots. Instead of having different tiers of progressive jackpot, such as a mini and mega jackpot, Polar Slots has one single jackpot.

Whereas, most progressive jackpots are unlocked through a specialised bonus round, the jackpot in Polar Slots is triggered by spinning jackpot symbols. If the player spins five symbols, with one in each reel across the whole slot, they'll win the total of the jackpot at that moment. Spin less than five and players will simply win a nice multiplier on their wager.

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Polar Slots is a unique arctic themed mobile slot with extra spins, bonus game rounds and multipliers!

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