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Pixies and Crystals – Intro

Could you ask for a more literal title? Pixies and Crystals is the one of  the new games made by Mr Spin mobile casino based off… well, pixies and crystals. Well, pixies, crystals and wizards to be more precise. It's a charming, cartoon-y slot with a very pink theme and lots of sparkles and rainbows. But there's more to the cutesy-ness than meets the eye — there are two bonus games on top of the base game and they help players increase their win (if they're lucky!). Aside from that and from being completely mobile, however, what else does the game have to offer?

About The Slot
Those of you who hate the colour pink or are just not fond of clouds and sparkles, be warned — Pixies and Crystals is full of it (in case you didn't figure it out by the title). But we wouldn't say this slot is any less fun to play because. Incorporating a fairly unique animation of the reel (that of the symbols disappearing and reappearing in puff of smoke rather than spinning) also plays in this slot's favour. Some may say that's a little gimmicky and while we can see that argument it does give the game something interesting about to talk about.

The rest of the game's mechanics are otherwise unremarkable in terms of its design. It operates on a 5x3 reel slot and uses extra spins, wild symbols and 20 paylines. Pretty average but it's best not to fix something that isn't broken, right? Players can increase their amount by 20x to 160x their original amount by playing the Willow's Wheel mini-game. Holy hell, we like those odds!

You can be download from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, and  you can play it many of the available devices on the market.

Rainbows And Sparkles
Though it may not hold a candle in terms of originality to Mr Spin's other title, Bonnie and Clyde. However, it's still a pretty good game and, if you like cute dragons on fluffy clouds, then you're going to love it. Vaguely reminiscent of all those popular young kids shows that take place in a castle among the clouds, some players may even feel nostalgic for the aesthetic of Pixies and Crystals.

Developed by the same team responsible for mFortune, this game lives up to their standard or gaming development and player satisfaction, something we've come to expect from this particular casino. The soundtrack makes a perfect match for the theme and doesn't overload you with cutesy-ness. It makes for some very soothing background noise.

Great Performance!
We must say that the performance of this slot title (the animation, sound design and overall playability) is great and works incredibly smoothly. Not a jolt in the graphics department. This is helped by the cartoon aesthetic which is characteristic of mFortune games and only naturally passes into the games made by Mr Spin. But this game has more to it than just some pretty graphics.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Bonus Games, Extra Spins!
So let's dive into the games primary features. The main base game has two bonus games that compliment the main base game and help players multiply their wager by a substantial amount. And all it takes is getting two of the right symbols of the reel.

Dreamcatcher Multiplier
The dreamctacher feature allows players a chance to gain up to 200x their wager by moving the willow along the rainbow/ But be careful! You must avoid the imps in order to increase your multiplier. Get to the castle and you get a massive bonus. Get hit by an imp and you walk away with what winnings you have.

This is a great mini-game and offers something pretty unique and offers an almost platform-like level of gaming in which boredom never settles. Variety in slots is the key to engagement! We fully appreciate Mr Spins for having the wherewithal to realize this and implement it effectively.

Willow's Wheel
The second major feature of Pixies and Crystals is a spinning wheel with different rings of colour in which the player must spin the indicator in order to score a big win. You can only score this win if you reach the centre.

If you manage to effectively land on an advanced colour, however, you will still receive a bonus but exit the game. Click the ‘Stop' button to control the arrow. With bonus games that are extremely well put together like this, it's little wonder why Pixies and Crystals stands out.

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