Nine Lives

Get lucky with any one of your gifted nine lives with the Nine Lives mobile slot by mFortune, featuring 15 paylines

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Nine Lives: You Only Need One To Be Rich — Intro

I am a true believer that there is that one slot game that is made especially for you. One that appeals not only to your rational mind, but to your heart and soul as well. It will not only offer the greatest amount prize moneys and pack state of the art features, but will also emotionally attract you.

And some day, when you come across that game, you will not be able to turn away, you will play the game for hours and hours, helpless. Why? Simply because the game has melted your heart. Fortunately, and unfortunately, that day has come. This brand new title by mFortune called Nine Lives is filled with cute felines.

It just gets better when you find out that these mythical moggies are guarding some serious kitty cash! With Nine Lives mobile slot, mFortune knew exactly how to grab attention from the internet crowd. I mean, it is a common understanding the internet is crazy about cat-related content. Correct me if I’m wrong, nobody says no to a cute kitty. Nobody.

About The Slot
Behind all the gorgeous kitties are a set of five reels and three rows. The number of paylines range from just one to fifteen, and can be customized if you so wish. As per usual with all mFortune games, you can give the game a go in the ‘Demo’ mode in the mobile app, or you can just go ahead and play with real money from just 2p a line. If you are one the big-ballers out there, you can wager all the way up to a massive £150 per spin.

The theme around this Nine Lives is more towards a little cartoonish, otherwise you will see kitties that are pampered on what the game calls cloud 9. The highest paying symbols in this game is unsurprisingly the golden mouse, which in the event that you get five of it on your reels will result in you taking home the jackpot. Otherwise, the milk symbol will be good enough seeing that it may pay up to 500 times your wager if you are lucky enough.

Before I forget to mention, Nine Lives also sports a progressive jackpot. At time of writing, the jackpot has already grown to an astounding £4,000. Mind you, it has only been a couple of days since its release. Given this growth rate, the jackpot would probably be reaching the six-figure territory in no time. If you are a jackpot kind of person, this feature will definitely make it all the better for you!

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Title after title, when you think that mFortune cannot outdo their last mobile slot game, they time and time again prove you wrong. Whilst the overall experience has always been amazing, mFortune has definitely stepped up in the innovation department. The features in Nine Lives namely the Lucky Litter and the Cloud 9 packs animations from a whole new league. Even with all the high-resolution graphics, gameplay is still as smooth as silk.

As part of the assessment of Nine Lives, the game was also tested on a three year old Samsung Galaxy phone, and it still ran flawlessly. mFortune claims that this game is compatible with 99% of all mobile devices in the market. That makes it convenient for those of you who prefer to play slot games on the go.

Game Features


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Game Features: Lucky Litter, Cloud 9, Extra Spins!
The bonus features department is where Nine Lives mobile slot truly shines. Altogether, Nine Lives sports a respectable four bonus features. Let’s start with my personal favourite (probably everyone else’s too), extra spins! To trigger the extra spins, you will need at least three extra spin symbols on your reels.

Three, four and five extra spin symbols will respectively award you with five, seven and nine extra spins. Truth be told, in my experience playing this game, it was somewhat rare to get extra spins. At least the other features were activated more often.

This brings us to the next feature, the Lucky Litter mini-game! Similar to that in real life, it’s time to clear that litter box. Don’t worry though, when you are clearing it, there are tons of multipliers to be won! Shake your device or hit ‘Spin’ to search the litter box and uncover a win. The tray will start spinning automatically, and you get to collect whatever the multiplier that it lands on. The mini-game comes to an end after up to five spins and every multiplier you’ve found is added together for a clawsome win.

If you like that, I can assure you that you’ll like the Cloud Nine bonus feature just as much! Once you enter this feature, the wheel spins automatically and you’re guaranteed a win. If you land on x1, you’ll receive your winnings from the main reels and exit the feature. If you land on x2, your winnings from the main reels are doubled and you’ll exit the feature.

Finally, there are the Wilds. You will be seeing the Wild symbols pretty often on your reels, and they will substitute for every symbol except for mini-game symbols and extra spin symbols. These substitutions complete paylines and results in you winning more cash!

Nine Lives — Sophisticated, Yet Simple
Without doubt the mini-games in Nine Lives are the best parts of it. Not only has mFortune combined many technical features together for the highest payout, but they have also made it an absolute delight to play with. I mean, can you think of any other features that remind you of something you do for your own cats at home? How’s that for innovation? At this point, the Jackpot touch in the game is pretty much the cherry on the cake.

Another quick point that I wanted to quickly highlight is the fact that despite all the sophisticated features in this game, Nine Lives is super easy to play. You don’t even need to read about the features beforehand in order to understand what’s going on. To me, this is pretty much a perfect game to play after a long day at the office.

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