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Jewelette: Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

The slot world is innovating at such an intense pace these days. The game designers are cracking their heads at producing new mini games and perfecting the slot algorithm that turns the wheels. The golden question for all to answer: how do we get players to play for longer? How do we capture their attentions and give them such a good time that they never want to leave?

Mr Spin Casino has recently launched their own take to this question with a slots-cum-roulette offering. Titled Jewelette, this slot charms players with two classic casino games. Players get to spin the reels like any regular slot, then gamble their winnings on a mini Roulette game. It’s a surprisingly intoxicating combination.

About The Slot
When you first load Jewelette, you’ll encounter a standard slot setup. The game is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot that you’d play like any other slot. You select the size of your wager, number of paylines you’d like to play with and simply hit spin. The number of paylines in Jewelette are adjustable, so you can toggle these at any time during your gaming session. In general, the more paylines you play, the faster the game’s pace. I get bored easily so I always max out the number of paylines in these kinds of games.

Bets start from as low as 2p and go up to £95 per line. If you play at the maximum number of paylines, that’s 30p to £1,425 per spin. One thing’s for sure, this game is bound to cater to every single player’s budget and risk appetite. I had a few cheeky penny-spins during lunch break and later in the evening, I upped the ante and placed £1 wagers.

The game is covered in a mish-mash of symbols. There are many sparkling gems and coloured letters (10, J, Q, K and A) that make up the base game symbols. Then, there are also roulette wheels that appear slightly less frequently; these trigger the Roulette mini game that we’ll discuss in the next section. There’s the usual Wild symbol that replaces all other symbols to complete winning paylines. These Wild symbols are sure to boost your credit. Besides increasing the likelihood of scoring a win, having Wild symbols in the winning combination can multiply your wager by 15x to 2,000x!

Like every other slot at Mr Spin Casino, there is a progressive jackpot up for grabs. To win this, you’ll need to score five Jackpot symbols on the reels. Since it’s a progressive jackpot, you’ll find that the jackpot just keeps on growing every single time you play. This is because a small portion of every player’s wagers are added to the prize pool.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Jewelette is yet another one of these sparkling gem-themed slots that already saturate the slots market. Despite that, this theme never really gets old. I guess jewels are more palatable to the eye than cartoon characters and Aztec themes. Unlike more sophisticated games like Starburst, Jewelette is  rendered in quite a basic fashion. The gems don’t sparkle in a realistic sort of way, but instead are drawn in a candy-coloured, gummy-bear style. All in all, you might find the slot game a little bit gaudy and overly feminine. That said, it’s nothing that’ll get in the way of a good time.

Jewelette is designed by the in-house production team behind Mr Spin Casino. This studio is specialized in making mobile games that are compatible with literally any device on the planet. You could try it on your ancient smartphone and the reels will still spin. To play, you’ll have to visit Mr Spin Casino and enter your phone number. You’ll immediately receive an SMS with a link to download the game file.

The installation will be over in a jiffy and you can get straight onto playing. The Mr Spin Casino production studio also made sure that players can deposit real money as conveniently as possible. You can choose to deposit via phone bill (from as little as £3 at a time), just by sending an SMS and paying for it later with your monthly phone bill.

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Jewelette: A game of slots and Roulette. Wait, what?!
Time to dive into the special Roulette part of Jewelette. (In case you haven’t noticed, Jewel + Roulette = Jewelette. I suppose Slot+ Roulette = Slottete didn’t have the same ring to it.) The Roulette mini game is triggered whenever you get the roulette symbols form part of a winning line. You’ll get to gamble your winnings from the round on a spin of the Roulette wheel.

Anyone who has played Roulette before will notice that this mini game does not contain a full-size roulette wheel. There are only 12 numbers around the wheel, instead of the usual 36. In other words, there are few spaces for the ball to land on and 3x better chances than a regular Roulette game.

This mini game follows the same Roulette rules. You can choose to bet on a number (0 to 12),  odd or even; red or black. You can also spread your chips across the board, bet on few numbers at a time and place your eggs in more baskets. Outside bets (odd/even, red/black) award you two times your wager if you picked the winning number, whereas number bets offer 12x your wager! That’s much higher payouts than you’d find in most slots’ mini games.

Of course, the odds of winning at outside bet is much higher too. What kind of Roulette player are you? Do you take on more risk for the chance to win bigger? I’m much more conservative and always choose to bet on colours instead. Just a friendly warning: always keep an eye on your balance while playing Jewelette. It’s easy to gamble on all of your slot winnings on the roulette wheel, especially if you bet on the numbers.

Jewelette — A best of both Worlds…
Jewelette is a slots game first and roulette second. You won’t be able to practice any roulette strategies or vary the size of your roulette bets too much. So, don’t come looking for a proper game of Roulette. Instead, Jewelette provides a welcome distraction between spins. The designers have paced the game just so that you’ll enjoy the perfect number of spins and wins to send you into that familiar slot-playing trance.

Then, just before you get bored, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the roulette mini game. I’d say that Jewellete has medium volatility. The game generally delivers payouts regularly, although you might expect some minutes where you win little to nothing at all. Then, just when you least expect it, Jewelette will reward you with big prizes.

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Jewelette: Bringing you the best of the both worlds of Slots and Roulette. On top of that, you can also redeem the 100% first deposit bonus. Well, what are you waiting for?

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