Hansel and Gretel

Help Hansel and Gretel escape from the wicked witch, featuring 15 paylines and loads of cool features!

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Hansel and Gretel – Intro

I’m sure you know the story. Two little children named Hansel and Gretel are brought into the woods by their dad and left there. Lost and starving, they find a house made entirely out of gingerbread and sweets! As their luck would have it, the house belongs to a wicked witch who captures them, plumps them up and finally, tries to cook them. The kids manage to burn the wicked witch in her own oven and escape, but not before robbing her gold! It’s a story of abandonment, cannibalism, murder, theft… I wonder why adults pass on such a dark fairy tale to our children!

Anyway, a good story like this lives on for a long time. Do you know that Hansel and Gretel was written in 1812? That’s over 200 years ago! The movie industry have produced Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters in 2013 and this month, the slot industry has picked it up too. It’s no cartoon! Instead, mFortune created a theatrical retelling of Hansel and Gretel – complete with Witch Trail mini game, a beautiful facade concealing threatening witches and a jackpot too! There couldn’t be a better game production of Hansel and Gretel than this new slot by mFortune Mobile Casino.

About The Slot
The game leads you deep into the woods, just as Hansel and Gretel were brought by their despicable father. The reels are set in the thick of the woods, such that the goodies fall from the magical canopy above. The symbols look like they’ve been plucked out from the original storybook itself. You’ll find chocolatey treats, teddy bears, axes as well as objects from the witch’s lair. There are 15 paylines on this slot. You can play with any number of paylines at a time. I like to max out all paylines when I can, as this makes the game go by at a really quick and exhilarating pace.

Your main goal is to score the buckets of jewels. Five of those will land you the prized jackpot. Mind you, mFortune is famous for its jackpots. In fact, the casino has paid out over £32,000 in jackpots the past few months! All of them are progressive jackpots that keep on growing every time a player plays the game. A portion of every bet is placed into the prize pool, a sum of money that’s just set aside for the single lucky player’s taking.

True to mFortune’s usual form, this slot game accepts bets from as low as 2p per payline. You can increase your wager as high as you feel comfortable, up to £100 per spin. The size of your wager would be the bet per spin multiplied by the number of paylines you choose. For example, playing with 10 paylines at 10p each would result in a £1 spin each time. Be sure to also take advantage of the auto-spin function. You’d quite literally generating money without lifting a finger! This hand-free mode allows you to choose your desired settings, such as number of spins, the limit of wins/losses you can incur before the game stops and so on.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
The artistic styling of mFortune’s Hansel and Gretel is truly a work of art. In mFortune’s own words, the artists sought to contrast the “grotesquely cute with the macabre”. You’ll find teddy bears and puppies alongside axes and killer bees. The innocent pair of siblings skip along while the haggard old witch lurks dangerously in the background. You’ll see this theme reflected in the game’s colour choices too. The pinks and purples are set against black and that slightly evil shade of green. The illustration is only half of the wonder though. The game is animated beautifully, with fluid movements of the reel and theatrical sound effects.

Game Features


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Game Features: Witches Trail, Wilds & Extra Spins!
No mFortune game is complete without its mini games. This gaming studio is famous for weaving complete narratives into their slots. We shopped for ingredients and assembled cakes in the bake-off themed slot, Bake Me a Winner; crossed the Mexican-American border in Mucho Money… you get the gist. Well, I suppose this task was slightly easier since an entire fairy tale had already been written years before.

In Hansel and Gretel, you can join the siblings on their dangerous yet profitable trek into the woods. First, you have to spin two or more compass symbols. This gets you onto the Witches’ Trail. This mini game is your classic “Snakes and Ladders” board game. You’ll spin the wheel and move forward along the path by the number of places dictated by the wheel. You can pick up every multiplier that you land on throughout the session. However, cross your fingers and hope to never land on the cage, guard cat, killer bees and the landmine. These traps will end your stint on the Witches Trail. The ultimate prize is to reach the witch’s house that is filled with riches and over 60x your wager!

The second mini game is titled Win Peaks. To enter, you’ll need to get at least two birds symbols on the reels. You’ll be presented two paths, or rather, two mountain trails. One trail leads to the grand prize while the other will only lead you to a consolation prize of sorts. The odds are 50:50! Well, simply hit spin to decide which mountain to scale. Even if you miss out on the grand prize, you’ll be assured that you’ll get another shot at these mini games soon enough. I managed to get onto these bonus rounds about once in every 20 spins or so. It was a real treat each time.

Hansel and Gretel — Designed by gamers…
Hansel and Gretel is designed for mobile players. One of mFortune’s greatest strengths is in creating games that are compatible with virtually any mobile device. The gaming studio has confirmed that Hansel and Gretel (as well as all other slots on mFortune Mobile Casino) works on the latest phones as well as iPhone 4s, Android 2.3s and second generation iPads. It is an incredibly commendable effort to create fresh and innovative games while juggling the technical constraints of every single mobile device out there.

Another unique feature at mFortune is the option for players to deposit via phone bill. You could get started with as little as £3. Let’s not forget the promotions. New players get 80 extra spins to new players. There are absolutely zero wagering requirements on the deal, so you can keep everything that you win. Then, mFortune also doubles your first deposit. You can probably tell how much of a fan I am.

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Hansel and Gretel slot is a stellar production from mFortune Casino. You’d do yourself (and your wallet) a favour by trying the game for yourself!

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