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Dog Detective – Intro

Dog Detectives is a brand new slot game from Mr Spin Casino. Hosting a range of bonus rounds and a progressive jackpot to boot too, Dog Detectives seems like it should have all the makings of a great slot. But Dog Detectives is also an exclusive and that means that it has to be good enough to convince you to head over to Mr Spin especially to play it. Is it good enough to convince you to give it a try? Let’s find out below!

About The Slot
The gameplay of Dog Detectives will be familiar to anyone who’s played a slot before. Dog Detectives comes with 15 paylines and 5 reels, so the look of the slot is traditional and simple to pick up from the get go.

Dog Detectives, along with the other creations from Mr Spin Casino, rely primarily on their bonus rounds and that’s where the slot comes into its own. Dog Detectives comes with 3 bonus rounds in all, which includes a extra spins round, dice roll multiplier bonus round and pick and collect bonus.

These bonus rounds are the main pull of Dog Detectives and on the whole, they deliver. It’s a shame that they couldn’t be slightly more original. Anyone reading this review has come into contact with these bonus feature types before and although these fit the dog detective theme nicely and break up the slot, some more innovation beyond that would have been nice.

In terms of generosity though, Dog Detective’s bonuses make up for a lot of problems we had with their familiarity. Players can enjoy 15 extra spins for activating the minimum extra spins bonus, which is more than we’ve seen from any other Mr Spin slot. On top of that, players can expect to find these bonus games cropping up frequently, with our multiple playthroughs seeing us returning to the bonus game screens time and time again.

They may be a bit rough around the edges, but when it comes to paying out, the Dog Detective bonuses more than held their own.

Game Features


Return to player

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Features Of All Sorts
Bonus rounds are the big features that make up the slot and are the selling point of the game. However, Mr Spin slot games offer something unique, by the fact that they offer a progressive jackpot on all their slots.

Whereas, many slot game’s main selling point would be their progressive jackpot, the extra cash is just a background feature to all Mr Spin slots. The progressive jackpot is very generous, since every single slot at Mr Spin feeds into it. If you manage to spin 5 progressive jackpot symbols, then you get to keep the entire pot, no questions asked.

The slot makes no real mention of its progressive jackpot and doesn’t play it up as a feature, but it’s a solid addition, allowing you to enjoy a bonus packed slot, with the potential to win a huge jackpot.

Performance Of The Dog Detectives Mobile Slot
Dog Detective gains a lot from being an exclusive game, hosted on a mobile only platform. That means that Mr Spin not only had to get it right, but didn’t have to make it work across a lot of devices. As long as it works on their casino, on mobile devices, then it’s performing absolutely perfectly.

And that’s how Dog Detectives runs, just perfectly. Dog Detectives benefits from having simply graphics, which although not the eye candy we might want from a modern slot, it does allow the slot to work across a whole range of mobile specs. We’ll take looks over performance any day and thankfully, Dog Detectives delivers where it counts.

Dog Detectives comes in the form of a downloadable mobile app, so you don’t have to worry about streaming the slot to your phone. Once it’s on your mobile, it’ll run like any program, without you having to worry about any additional complications caused by your browser. Although if you’re running low on memory, you might have to take some time to clear out some of your less used apps before installing it.

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