Bonnie and Clyde

The infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde rock this mobile slot and fill your pockets with wins!

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Bonnie and Clyde – Intro

Based on the infamous criminals from America's depression era in the 1930s, Bonnie and Clyde the mobile slot by Mr Spin offers a cartoon rendition of the gruesome twosome and their criminal hijinks. Players get to experience 30s New York with a side of car chases and bank robberies. There are plenty of guns and bullet holes too. With two bonus games on top of the base game, this fun little title proves to be everything you could want from a game with such an unusually specific theme. Points for creativity and content.

About The Slot
When you open up Bonnie and Clyde, you can see at once that it's going to be a fun ride. The subtitle is Jackpot Jailbreaks, so you know you're in for a good time regardless. With a well-designed aesthetic and a soundtrack that's pretty enjoyable, you can feel the adrenaline that the original Bonnie and Clyde must have felt while on their crime spree across America. Not that we condone their violent methods of attaining money… But the game is still amusing nonetheless.

The mobile casino that has developed it, Mr Spins, is new to us and so far, first impressions are good. It includes special symbols which depict the infamous criminals themselves and has wild symbols as well as extra spins. there are also two bonus games which allow the player to increase their win up to 12x their original amount. The game boats 526 ways to win and we can very well believe it — matching symbols are very common as there are 20 paylines.

The game can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, depending who you're loyal to, and is playable on most devices.

Criminally Good
As you could probably tell already, we love this game! And it's such a simple yet awesome premise that it makes us giddy just thinking about it. What a great way to get acquainted with this new casino… The slot follows Bonnie and Clyde as they attempt to break out of jail, rob a whole lot of banks and bag some cash — for them and the player.

Developed by the same people behind mFortune, we expect nothing short of excellence from this small yet widespread company who have consistently bring out slot after slot with imaginative, fun and pun-tastic themes.  Although this game doesn't play on any particular puns, it still lives up to the other three things and then some with gangsters and bullet holes populating the entire game.

We adore the sound design too, which not only fits the theme well but gets your adrenaline pumping so that playing the slot feels like a thrilling experience.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

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Fun Bonus, Fun Performance!
So what else does Bonnie and Clyde offer? Short answer: a lot! Not only do we get two bonus games that help the player win in over 500 ways, we also get extra spins and a min-jackpot which certainly makes us eager to keep on playing even if we do win very little. But tat doesn't tend to happen as the win ration of this game is pretty damn good so you don't feel like you're winning to much to be bored but not too little to become frustrated.

The performance of this game alone is pretty incredible too. Not only are the graphics good to look at but they operate efficiently on any half-decent smartphone with seamless animation and short loading times. It only lives up to the standard these developers have already set with their previous games.

Win Extra Spins On Bonnie and Clyde
You can also collect up to 50 extra spins! Simply get three or more of the Extra Spins symbols for a chance to be able to gamble freely. If you earn three symbols, you get five extra spins, seven if you get four, and nine when you collect five symbols. The system is simple, really. But you have to keep on playing to get it as they're not as easy to obtain as the bonus games.

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Bonnie and Clyde is an exciting mobile slot with two mini games and extra spins too!

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