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Benidorm or Bust – Intro

We hope you're ready to holiday, and can't wait to feel the Spanish riviera sand between your toes, because in this mobile slot review we're going to Benidorm! The new PocketWin mobile casino slot is called Benidorm or Bust, and it will fly you straight to the famed British holiday spot and spoil you with extra spins, mini games, multipliers, and even a progressive jackpot. Who knows, perhaps after a short gambling session on Benidorm or Bust Mobile Slot, you'll be able to afford an actual holiday there!

About The Slot
When we caught wind of a new PocketWin mobile casino game launching this week, we could have never expected that it would be quite like Benidorm or Bust. Breaking all the moulds, and stepping outside all boxes, PocketWin have added an excellent game to their growing portfolio.

While the casino gave us Sinbad: Slots of Gold and Saving Jane in the recent past, it's now venturing into destination themed slots and we applaud them for it. We're guessing that Bendorm will resonate with a lot of British holiday makers, especially the fun characters that we meet on this mobile slot, and the excellent features which come by very often.

We're Going To Benidorm!
As you've already gathered, the mobile slot has a unique theme that's unlike any other we've ever encountered in the world of mobile slots. Destination based slots aren't hugely popular, but we think that PocketWin have taken a good gamble on Benidorm, which has been popular with Brits for decades.

It's also got that notorious reputation of being a place where people drink too much, ladies tan too much, and the overall vibe is of relaxation and carelessness. The five reels definitely show that. With special high-paying symbols of an overly tanned granny, the honeymoon couple, a beach hunk, a geek and a gorgeous bikini girl are spun among low-paying 10s, Js, Ks, Qs and As.

Although we're not sure about the fun-fair music that's a bit childish and definitely annoying after a while playing the game, the sound effects of beer lids popping and people splashing about in the waves are certainly relaxing.

All in all, you'll truly feel like your transported to the destination in this game. Adding to authenticity are the bright yellow coach buses, the half-finished vacation rental building in the background of the reels, and the gamble feature which is hosted by a good looking weather girl. Sounds like fun? Well, we think you'll truly enjoy Benidorm or Bust mobile slot then!

Game Features


Return to player

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Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

The Gameplay Is Highly Tuned To Mobiles
As always, the company that's behind the development of all unique PocketWin games is In Touch Gaming, and they put mobile gambling experience first and foremost. Sure, you'll have to install the game by downloading an app, but you can rest assured that's done for quality purposes.

The game isn't glitchy or laggy, and after the first launch-up installation takes place, the game loads super fast. You can even take a call or look something up on your mobile – such as the current sun tanning conditions wherever you are – and the game will pick right up where you left it.

Benidorm or Bust also features 20 paylines, which gives it a nice range of bets. You can choose to wager some change that's loose in your pocket, e.g. 2p or 10p, but you can also get the heavy ‘guns' out and bet  £400 a spin – the maximum coin value on all 20 available paylines.

Since the maximum bet is a staggeringly high number, this also means that the maximum win that Benidorm or Bust can yield is hard to imagine. Given the fact that the maximum multiplier can be awarded for five Wilds at 2,000x, this number multiplied by £400 would mean that you can get £800,000 from a single, very very lucky spin!

Of course, this doesn't happen every day. We'd be lucky if this happened once every five years, but the potential is there. Considering possibilities of winning that are much more likely would be something like four hunks on a payline paying out 100x (maximum win £40,000) or even something like three As, which would still yield a healthy £16,000 win.

Game Features: Wilds, Extra Spins, Two Mini-Games, Gamble and Progressive Jackpot
There are a lot of features that we must discuss when it comes to Benidorm or Bust, although all of them aren't unique or innovative in any kind of way. The basic developmental framework is followed and the result is a rather predictable, yet fun collection of features that will reward those who are lucky and those who stick around and extend their gambling sessions.

The symbols that the developers have chosen to stand for the Wilds and the Jackpots are weird to say the least. While the Wilds are reprensented by an embracing couple, very much in love and enjoying their first weeks together as husband and wife, the scorched grandmother stands in as the Jackpot.

We don't think any of you need an extensive lecture as to how these two features work, but let's give it a very brief run-down. The Wild will replace for any other symbol on the reels, with the exception of mini-game symbols and the extra spins symbol. Five Wilds by themselves yields the maximum payout of Benidorm or Bust, as we already mentioned above, whereas four Wilds yield 500x, three will get you 100x and just two Wilds will award a nice 15x multiplier.

That said, you cannot win the jackpot with Wilds, but any combo of Wilds and Jackpots can get you a nice lump sum of cash as you'll get a 300x multiplier. Meanwhile, the Jackpot itself can be claimed if you get five symbols on an active payline. It currently stands around £2,000, but will grow and grow.

Five, Seven Or Nine Extra Spins On Benidorm or Bust
It wouldn't be a PocketWin game if there weren't extra spins – all of their mobile slots get you a chance to spin the reels without having to wager a penny! The great news is that it's not just simple extra spins that you'll get, but also a multiplier will be applied to your winnings.

Look out for the geeky guy with a tropical cocktail in hand. Three of those will get you five extra spins with a 10x multiplier, four of them will get you seven extra spins with a 30x multiplier and finally five of them will get you nine extra spins with an utterly massive 100x multiplier.

We know that we can sometimes throw the word massive around too often, but 100x multiplier really is massive! Think about it: you are bound to get some pretty nice wins from the extra spins, even a total win of £20 would become £2,000. You could book that holiday to Benidorm straight away after that!

Not Just One, But Two Mini-Games That Can Get You Rich!
There are two mini-games that are triggered by just two bonus symbols. First, there is the Sunburn feature, that will present you with four sunbed loungers to choose from. Click on the multipliers you want to hold and press ‘reset values.'

Some multipliers will hold while the others won't. If you're happy with the ones you got, then click to collect the win. Otherwise, you can keep on resetting the value three times in total, after which you'll automatically collect whatever's on the screen. It's also worthwhile noting that depending on how many symbols triggered the feature, the multipliers you can collect will vary accordingly.

  • 2 symbols – 2x to 35x
  • 3 symbols – 5x to 50x
  • 4 symbols – 5x to 90x
  • 5 symbols – 10x to 120x

And then there is the Coach Tripper mini-game that will remind you of all those great excursions you took. Similarly, depending on how many coach symbols triggered the feature, the multipliers you can win will vary: two will get you multipliers from 10x to 150x, three will get you multipliers from 20x to 200x, four will get you multipliers from 30x to 300x and the holy-grail give symbols will get you multipliers of 50x to 350x.

Needless to say, this is the more lucrative feature of the two as the multipliers are much more substantial. You'll be presented with special reels and a host that's donning purple heart glasses and a pot belly too – that's Maurice. If the reels land on Collect, you will get the multiplier specified and if all four reels land on an orange arrow, you'll get Maurice's special prize.

Try Your Luck And Gamble Your Win To Multiply It By 12x
Another great feature on Benidorm or Bust is the Gamble feature. We love having the option to boost our winnings and decide if we want to risk it all or a part of the sum we've won.

Any win that you achieve can be taken through to the TV Gambling – that's how the feature is called. The weather girl that looks dashing will stand aside to help you sort your winnings out. You can either choose 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x or 12x multiplier.

The larger the multiplier, the more chance of cloudy and rainy in the forecast. In other words, the less ambitious you want the win to be, the more sunny spots there will be on the dial. You can collect the stake whenever you're happy with it or you can keep on gambling and trying your luck over and over.

There's no saying as to how many times in a row you'd succeed in winning the multiplier, but if you ask us, there is no use of being stingy. We always went for the risky approach and staked all of our winnings. However, if you're trying to have a more budget friendly approach, even a 2x or 3x multiplier is a good bet.

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