Bake Me a Winner

Start baking with the Bake Me A Winner mobile slot by mFortune, featuring 15 paylines and up to 1,425x your wager!

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Bake Me A Winner – Intro

I have two questions for you, dear reader. How many seasons of The Great British Bake Off have you watched? How many biscuits and cakes have you whipped up in your very own kitchen? I’ve followed three of the seven seasons closely and dreamed of recreating every show-stopper. And tiramisu too! I always thought it’d be fun to soak slices of cake with coffee and pipe on silky cream filling. However, I’ve baked approximately twice in my entire lifetime. Story of everyone’s lives! Well, here’s a new slot for all the folks like me. It’s called Bake Me A Winner and it’s by mFortune Mobile Casino. There are no recipes involved or baking skills required. We just get to spin a few reels, assemble a virtual cake and go shopping for flour and eggs. What’s more, players stand to earn multipliers, extra spins and cash!

About The Slot
The game has 5x3 reel setup and 15 paylines. Bets start from as low as 2p per payline, or 30p for a spin with all 15 paylines activated. The reels are laid out like a very delicious bakery window. There’s waffles, croissants, donuts and cake. It’s not only sugar and fluff; the paytable promises 1,425x your win!

Bake Me A Winner gives out anywhere between five and nine extra spins depending on how many Gingerbread Men Scatters you find on the screen. The oven symbol is the game’s Wild symbol that stands it for other symbols to complete winning paylines. The final special symbol is the jackpot itself. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task. You need five of these symbols on the reels to win the prize.

The jackpot in this game is a progressive jackpot, which means that a portion of all players’ wagers are set aside in a prize pool. The more times the game is played, the more money is put up as the prize. At the time of writing, the jackpot stands at £3,000. mFortune jackpot games typically climb to about five or ten grand before someone triggers it. It’s not a huge sum of money, but the chances of winning it are much higher than that of the lottery! Or any other six-figure jackpot slot, really.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
I have an embarrassing little secret. I’m well into my 20s but I love playing those games where I can assemble a burger/cake/pizza/meal and serve it to virtual customers. Yes, the kind of games your toddlers would play. So, I was very excited when I first laid my eyes on mFortune’s Bake Me A Winner. This slot game has the exact same aesthetic! There’s a cute little chef and yummy looking pastries all over. Every inch of the screen is packed with some little detail that brings the entire kitchen/bakery theme to life.

Bake Me A Winner is designed as a small app that you have to download onto your mobile device. First, you have to go to the casino website and enter your mobile phone number. They’ll then send a link to download the app; click it and you’ll be on your way within seconds. It’s slightly inconvenient compared to other games that you can play from within your Internet browser.

However, the game is extremely convenient when it comes to deposits. You can select the “pay by phone bill” option, where you can just choose the amount you want and send a text message. The charge is then added to your monthly phone bill or deducted from your credit.

Game Features


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Game Features: Shopping And baking!
There are two mini games in this slot game – Pick-o-Matic and Cake-o-Matic – that fit neatly into the whole baking narrative. In the first one, you’ll go shopping for ingredients like jam, eggs, sprinkles and so on. You’ll pick some ingredients on your shopping list before spinning the reels. The aim is to match the symbols on the reel with the ingredients that you had selected. Every match rewards you with a cash multiplier; every consecutive match increases the multiplier meter. You’ll get six spins in this mini game. Hopefully, you pick up some nice multipliers on this diversion. The multipliers range from 10x to 250x.

The game sends you back into the kitchen in the second mini game, Cake-o-Matic. It’s time to actually bake a cake, a three-tiered cake topped with multipliers! Players get to spin a wheel of fortune of sorts. The goal is to match up different cakes – one for the base, one for the middle layer and one for the top tier. Every time you get a match, you’ll win a multiplier, which will materialize as cash in your casino account after the mini game is over. In this mini game, you can multiply your original wager by 2x to 15x.

Pick-o-Matic is triggered by three or more pink cakes on your reels whereas Cake-o-Matic is triggered by the mixer symbols. However, don’t expect large fortunes in these mini games. Both mini games deliver more fun than winnings. I got about 10-20x my wager in each try. I must say, these mini games are triggered very often. Once the novelty wears off, you might even be tired of it and rather stay in the base game.

Bake Me A Winner — The Baking Hype Is Real!
A fellow reviewer called this a “light and fluffy” game and I wholeheartedly agree. mFortune is a genius at creating casual games that are perfect for a simple evening in. There are a few elements to creating a casual game like this: cheap spins, quick pace and fun mini-games. Bake Me A Winner has checked off all of these requirements. Where else can you find a game that starts at only 2p per spin?! I can mindlessly whip out the game during the TV adverts.

Besides the thoughtfully designed mini games, Bake Me A Winner also has a healthy smattering of baking puns. Whenever you score a win, silly phrases like “on a roll”, “pan-tastic win” and “in-breadible!” show up on your screen. The game’s description read: “with a huge progressive jackpot rising like a perfect sponge, there’s no raisin to go anywhere else.” Ha! Not everyone can stomach this type of humour, but personally, I love it.

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There’s no recipes involved or baking skills required! We just get to spin a few reels, assemble a virtual cake and go shopping for flour and eggs. What’s more, players stand to earn multipliers, extra spins and cash!

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