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Alice in Wongaland — Intro

Down the rabbit hole we go, into the fantastical world of Wongaland. This new Alice in Wongaland slot is tellingly inspired by Lewis Carrol’s classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. Now, the designers did not just borrow visual cues from the children’s storybook; they took all the best, most imaginative parts of the narrative too. You’ll have tea with the Mad Hatters, help Alice decide what magical potions to consume and earn lots of cash on the way!

About The Slot
Alice in Wongaland is a 20-line slot. You can vary the number of paylines you’d like to play with at a time, along with the amount wagered per line (between 2p to £95 per payline). For example, if you activate all 20 lines and bet 5p on each line, you’d be wagering £1 per spin. You’re free to adjust the pace and risk level of the game according to your preferences.

The symbols on the reels are notable characters from the original fairytale. In descending order of their payout values, the symbols are the cigar-puffing caterpillar, a stork, Alice herself, the King, the Queen, the Jester, a court official marked with ‘10’ and a bunch of playing card-soldiers numbered ‘9’.

The White Rabbit is the game’s Wild symbol: this timekeeping bunny can stand in place for all other symbols to complete winning paylines. There is a lot of cash to be won on this paytable, up to 550x your wager to be exact! Even the small wins aren’t that small. Other games typically multiply your wager by 2-5 times if you only line up the low-value symbols. Meanwhile, Alice in Wongaland starts at a tidy 15x.

The symbol you’d love the most is the grinning Cheshire cat. He may look more sinister than cheery, but don’t mind that. After all, this kitty unlocks the game’s fantastic jackpot. At the time of writing, the jackpot stands at over £2,000.

Being a progressive jackpot, the total prize will just keep rising until it is won. A portion of every player’s wagers in the game is set aside as prize money, so the more you play, the better your prize.

Finally, Humpty Dumpty the egg is sitting around with extra spins under his shell. You could score five to nine extra spins whenever you get three, four or five Humpty Dumpty symbols on a payline. These extra spins are played at the same bet level that you were playing with when you triggered the feature.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Alice in Wongaland is available to play on desktop, mobile phone and tablet. The mobile app—which you can download on the site—has many handy functions built into it. First, there’s the AutoSpin function. You can play hands-free, by selecting the number of spins you want to run it for and when to stop. Secondly, the app allows you to deposit in-game. You can choose to deposit by debit/credit card or by phone bill from only £3.

Game Features


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Game Features: Extra Spins, Tea Party, Eat & Drink Me
What’s an Alice in Wonderland-themed slot without a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’? As you sit down for tea, you’ll notice two elements in the room—a wheel in the background and the table set with colourful teacups that go around a lazy Susan.

To start, you’ll spin the multiplier wheel, which will dictate the direction of the cups’ movement (clockwise or anti-clockwise) and the number of moves. You’ll then get to pocket the multiplier printed on whichever cup that stops in front of you. Once you have picked up a multiplier from a cup, that cup turns into a Collect icon. You can’t pick up the same cup twice and the game is more likely to end now! Now, you get to spin the wheel again and again until you stop on a ‘Collect’ cup.

There are also three ‘Fool’s Gamble’ symbols on the multiplier wheel. When the wheel stops in these slots, you’ll get to draw a multiplier from the Mad Hatter’s hat. If you can summon the ‘Fool’s Gamble’ symbol on two consecutive spins, the wheel disappears and is replaced by a larger one with even bigger prizes. There are three wheels in total—small, medium and large. The multipliers in the small round range from 6x to 40x, while that on the large wheel max out at 500x.

Finally, there’s one wedge on the reel that you never want to stop on and it is plainly labelled ‘Lose’. If you land on this symbol, you’ll forfeit everything that you’ve won at the tea party. There’s nothing to do to avoid it besides crossing your fingers. If you’re ever out of luck, just remember that you’ll get another shot again soon; the bonus games in Alice in Wongaland are triggered every 3-5 minutes or so.

The second mini game is called ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’. This feature pays homage to the memorable scene where Alice ate a magic cake and grew so large that her head struck against the ceiling. Now, you’ll get to grow your bets in the same proportions. Once you trigger the game, the game will taunt you with three different instructions. The door simply says “Open Me”; it has no tricks up his sleeve and clearly presents the multiplier that’s behind the door.

However, the cake and the potion has got other ideas. It teases players with the “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” respectively; one will grow the door’s multiplier while the other will shrink it!  Would you take your chances or would you take what’s already on the table? Any which way, you can earn anywhere between 60x to 300x your wager.

Both bonus games are triggered if you score two or more bonus symbols on a payline. The more bonus symbols you get, the better the prizes in the feature. For example, if you unlocked the Tea Party game with three bonus symbols, the multipliers could go all the way up to 2,000x!

Alice In Wongaland — A Classic Plot Twist
Alice in Wongaland is a slightly twisted. It’s like how Hollywood takes our beloved childhood animations and adds a dark twist when producing it for the silver screen. Tim Burton did the same with Alice in Wonderland and and Universal Pictures did it with Snow White and the Huntsman.

PocketWin chose to go down the same path. The cartoons have a slight hard edge to them and the game’s colour scheme is deliberately chosen to illustrate evil. The only contrast is the delightfully whimsy music playing in the background at all times.

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Alice in Wongaland mobile slot is a classic fairy tale with a dark plot twist. You will be entertained!

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